Whether you are brand new to broadband or you are an expert in Outside Plant (OSP) you want to know what you are in for.

  1. Where do you need to construct?
  2. Where do you need to get access?
  3. Who are you going to connect?

You can answer these questions easily with spatial data.

broadband.cat offers three (3) data products.

  1. 1KM hexagon aggregation Example
  2. Street segment hexagon aggregation Example
  3. Network route lines Example

Each of these data sets come with a breakdown by route type. There are currently two, connections to buildings and main cable installation. Typically this is the seperation of a project.

In the future further detail will be added including, aerial, underground locations aswell as E (single side of the road), U (both sides of the road) and mixed construction types.

Further it is also possible to augment the input data to custumize the output to you data, region or network requirements.

You can customize the code yourself here: https://github.com/fhk/tabby_cat/

Or we can assist you as a service.

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